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He does other things, sure, we all do. But what defines the passion behind obsession of craft and intense pleasure of a life worth living? You go out and do the things you were born to do, right?

Dan’s been brewing since 1994 and rocking long before that. As the bassist for Ohio-based rock touring acts like Big Back Forty, Feversmile, Train Meets Truck and Bush League All Stars he’s been on the circuit, sampling every small pub and picking every brew brain from NYC to Seattle. These things go hand in hand you see, beer and rock. No surprise there. But they both need heart to survive. There’s just too much competition, and too many ways to get distracted. That’s when you buckle down and focus on making the best possible manifestation of your art. Like Dan. Like Dan’s Four String Beer.

Beer is a lifestyle. It’s ancient. Like music, it’s a passion that comes from thousands of years of ingrained thirst. How can it be better? How can I create something profound that will inspire others? (You’re starting to see where the passion becomes the art.) The Four String Brewery is hand-built by Dan. No trust-fund, no safety net. It’s rock or perish. It’s about taking that chance and delivering the dream one glass at a time. Every sip, every growler that walks out the door had damn well better crush it.

These are the Four Strings: Water, Malt, Hops, Yeast. These are the simple notes to be played in complex order to create a masterpiece that keeps them coming back for more. This is the simple plan to make complex art to please the refined rock palette. Brewing for commodity won’t get you there. You have to make it art every day.

Does Dan still rock? Yep. Check out Colin Gawel & the Lonely Bones if you are in Ohio. Does the beer rock? Bet your sweet ass it does. Otherwise we wouldn’t claim: KILLER BEER SERVED HERE.

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