Four String Brewing Co. offers premium contract brewing services from beginning to end.


We Offer

  • Batch sizes from 30 bbl to 120 bbl
  • Draft Packaging
  • 12oz and 16oz Cans
  • 6 packs/4 Packs
lab pic

Quality Control Lab

  • Quality assurance lab on site
  • Assistance with recipe formulation

Centrally Located

  • Brewery is in Columbus, Ohio - 500 miles from 50% of U. S. population

Our Skills & Expertise

We are a packaging brewery that can and will produce beer products under contract for customers. We have the ability to can 12oz and 16oz 202 cans with Paktek handles, High Cone handles, or in boxes. We can clean and fill kegs with U.S. Sanke style valves.


Let our expert team take your brands to the next level